How To Play Online Blackjack Game

Blackjack game is expected to be the sum of the higher hand than the dealer without going over 21. The game, each picture card is worth 10 points, and face cards are worth less cards in your eye figures. An ace is worth either 11 points or 1, depending on which is more favorable to the situation. The game is always played against the dealer, even if there would be other players (not including BJ tournaments, which are sometimes held in casinos).

When the game begins the player to put at stake the table and the dealer deals the player two cards face up and the dealer one card hidden and one face up. The player can ask the dealer until new cards until he is satisfied with the point of quantity or until the player beats over and loses his bet.

If a player manages to get a bigger score than the dealer without going over 21 points, wins he set for contribution to the sum. Sometimes the game happens to special situations, such as when the player is dealt a hand of an ace and a face card. In this case, the player has a blackjack, ie split the first two cards total is 21. In such circumstances, the casino will refund the stake'm usually one and a half times.

Sometimes a player comes with the option to double up. In this case, the player can double his bet and the player is dealt followed by another card. If, after doubling the player manages to win the dealer, he wins the total amount invested (ie, the initial bet and tuplauspanoksen) amount of money.

They lose the player loses both bets. Doubling rules vary, because sometimes casinos allow doubling only at the stage when the two first received the sum of the card is 11 or 10. Some casinos allow doubling on any two cards. You can double down only when you have two cards in your hand.

The dealer applies different rules than the players. Rules you get the slightly vary according to the casino but the basic principle is generally the same. The dealer always plays after the other players and he has to be always a new card until the size of at least 17 points. If the dealer beats over, a score in excess of 21, he loses. However, the excesses of the dealer does not matter if you hit yourself over the same round, in which case you lose automatically.