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We created this casino guide to provide useful information for online casino gambling to all interested parties. Although casino guide is aimed primarily online casino gaming only for those who plan or little experience of their capacity, can be found in the fact certainly interesting information also for more experienced players.

The casino guide also provides assistance to our website for complete recovery and give you tips on high-quality online casinos that would be perhaps just best suited for you.

The casino guide goes through all that is necessary from the making of the deposit and the opening of an account. We will explain the different bonuses offered by the casinos in plain language, and we will tell you what is often related bonuses wagering requirements mean in practice. We go through all of the most popular money transfer methods, and we will tell you how they work in practice and what issues should be taken into account when making money transfers.

We present the most common casino games offered by the online casino, we explain what is live casino, gaming and tell the mobile device by means of several examples. We go through the most popular game manufacturers whose games at online casinos will collide, and we will tell you what the various gaming and casino platforms represent. In addition we present how the licensing system works and how it will affect the taxability of profits from the casinos.

In addition to this casino guide explains how online casinos try to prevent the player's dishonest activity and which documents a casino player must send in proof of identity. Finally, we will explain what the online casinos Finnish-language and English customer service mean in practice.

It is really important that the account opening online casinos is done with full information on their own . Upon accession, an account confirmed almost always via e-mail, so giving a false e-mail address is not the opening of a game account is often not even possible. Some online casinos will send a verification code to new players, in turn, by means of a text message, which is why you should subscribe phone number correctly.